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Why Photo Retouching and Editing Matters

Make sure that when you hire your wedding day photographer, they have it in their best interest to make you and your guests look good. In most cases, your photographer will do a light retouch, adjust the exposure or slap on presets in post-production and call it a day. Even though this may be the industry standard, I personally like to make cosmetic retouches where I find necessary. I didn't take the photo below. The original shot on the left was delivered to the bride with the stickers on the pillar as is. She reached out to me and asked me if I could remove them. I believe as a wedding photographer, a certain level of quality must be delivered and expected from us.

I want my clients to be happy so I put in a lot of time editing. This includes the reception and your guests, which a lot of photographers don't care about. The photo below is from the reception I shot over the weekend. This guest was the life of the party, having an amazing time celebrating her friend's wedding. I think it's unfair to the guest and to the bride and groom if I didn't deliver photos that included her. At the same time, I don't want to embarrass her when these photos are shared. So I took the time to edit out the stains.

The take-away here is to hire someone who has great attention to detail, and is genuinely invested in making your wedding photography both both beautiful and memorable. Ask questions and do your research: Do you edit the photos yourself? How many will be edited? Do you outsource the editing?

This way there are no unexpected surprises when you received your photos!

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