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Keefe & Pauline, The Royal Ambassador Wedding Story

I had the opportunity to shoot with Origin Weddings a couple of weeks ago. The day started off with the men getting ready at Keefe's house then heading over to Pauline's for a traditional tea ceremony. This is a traditional practice most common in Asian cultures. It's an expression of gratitude and respect given by the bride and groom to their respective families that involve pouring tea and bowing. It's heartwarming to see cultural traditions kept alive this day and age. There was rain that day and the smoke alarm kept going off from the incense and wedding candles but hey, that's all part of the fun!

The reception was at the Royal Ambassador Event Centre in Caledon. It was an outdoor ceremony under a large gazebo, surrounded by a natural garden and beautiful lake. Here's an early peek of the photos I took for Keefe and Pauline.

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