Hey, hey!

Glad you made it! Let me keep this short and sweet: 

I'm quick and confident behind the camera and take a photojournalistic approach to story telling. I find this to be the best method to capture the raw emotions that look on-trend and timeless for any occasion. Many clients like the bright and airy look, but if you prefer the traditional or cinematic look that's cool too. I have 5+ years of experience with photography and editing with Lightroom and Photoshop, so you're in good hands. And if you're the type to feel anxious in front of the camera, I'll do my best to keep things natural as possible but with a touch of guidance to make sure we get those epic shots.

I'm a product of my environment- I surround myself with good friends and co-workers from all over Toronto with immense talent and drive. Their passion and determination as creative minds and entrepreneurs inspire me to always be a better version of myself and to put my best foot forward. I've also hiked to the top of Mt. Fuji, touched The Great Wall and lived in South Korea for a year teaching English. But you can ask me more about that when we meet!